About Us

Our Mission

As a corporate citizen with a global vision of participatory development of our living environment, our vocation at Wellness HealthCare (WHC) Clinics LLC is to promote the well-being of individuals and families in the city of Washington, DC by providing accessible, quality mental health services and substance abuse/addiction care for children, adolescents, adults and their families, utilizing a personally centered service system that emphasizes trust, respect, confidentiality and compassion.

We are committed to quality mental health care that is provided in a collaborative effort with consumers’ overall health strategies and an array of medical services. We are further committed to the philosophy to give or restore hope by empowering, transforming and strengthening the life of our customer/client. Our mission is to promote optimal mental health as a cornerstone of health and wellness through awareness, advocacy, education and treatment.

Our Vision

We envision a society where mental wellness is the foundation of a healthy community. At WHC, we are dedicated to helping individuals lead mentally healthy lives. We believe optimal health requires a commitment to care for your mind, body and spirit. Often we take care of our physical needs by eating well or exercising and connect with a presence larger than ourselves to attend to our spirit’s needs. Yet when it comes to taking care of our minds, we often dismiss their importance. When we ignore our mental health, we overlook the very part of us that helps us know and achieve our best selves. We are here to help you through your mental health journey. WHC strives to touch the lives of as many individuals as possible by:

  • Delivering a wide variety of programs and services to support individuals and families impacted by mental illness in ways that help them move toward recovery and help them achieve their potential
  • Educating the public about mental health and mental illness to eliminate stigma, labels and prejudice
  • Changing lives with the gift of friendship for people with serious mental illness
  • Providing information and referral services to navigate the complex delivery system that can impede access to mental health services
  • Advocating for policy and system changes that accord rights and benefits to individuals living with a mental illness
  • Promoting mental health and well-being through education and training

Our organization is fortunate to work with the best minds in the business along with dedicated and caring volunteers who give of their time, talent and resources to ensure that we can serve our community for decades to come.

Our Values


We treat our patients and their families with kindness and compassion and strive to create an environment that is caring and supportive.


We hold ourselves accountable as an organization and as individuals to act ethically and responsibly in everything we do. We are devoted to honoring our commitments to our patients and dedicated to making informed and transparent decisions.


We act with openness, honesty and care in our dealings with patients, families and coworkers. We understand that an environment of mutual respect creates a supportive environment for the best possible care. We commit to the highest standards of behavior and doing the right thing for the right reasons.


We work as a team to leverage best practices in providing the best patient-centered care. We foster personnel and professional development and deliver the highest standards of performance through collaboration, innovation and unrelenting commitment to quality.

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