Finding out what lies beneath a grin might be bad and, at the same time, unexpected. However, covering up how we feel on the inside is not a long-term solution; we might not know that we already need therapy. You can fake as many grins as you want, but it won’t change how you feel. Other people might think that a person is feeling okay, but we don’t know that a heavy and sinking heart is hiding behind the smiling face.

Recognizing depression is the first step in receiving the care or counseling you require, whether you are experiencing depression yourself or observing a loved one going through behavioral changes. However, not all “unlucky” emotions are indicative of depression, and the following symptoms and red flags may not accurately identify the illness. This can only point you in the correct direction, though.

As a trusted provider of services related to Psychotherapy in Washington, DC, here are some factors that signal if a loved one, friend, or yourself are going through depression:

  • Losing interest in favorite hobbies or daily pursuits; a lack of joy and happiness despite outward signs of happiness.
  • Despite the outward appearance of optimism, the future is dark and powerless.
  • Anger, irritation, or losing their cool even over something they had previously been tolerant of.

Although depression is a severe issue, you do not have to experience it alone. We have our mental health services in DC available for you as part of our counseling services.

In Washington, Wellness HealthCare Clinics has a solid reputation as a behavioral health provider. Contact us to learn more.