It is not new when people hide their true thoughts and feelings. Maybe they are hiding it because they do not want to share it with others and bother them with their problems. They may think that they can deal with their problems alone and that counseling will not be necessary.

However, bottling up your thoughts and feelings can be very bad for you. As a reputable provider of mental health services in DC, allow us to explain why keeping negative emotions is unhealthy and how you can address those feelings.

Keeping negative thoughts and emotions is often the most used strategy to suppress current feelings. This practice is naturally unhealthy. When someone tries to bottle up their negative feelings and thoughts, it increases the risk of developing mental health issues. In addition, these negative feelings and thoughts can increase the risk of developing chronic stress. Eventually, it will damage your immunity.

What can you do?

The basic thing that you can do is to talk it out to your friend. You may seek advice from your friends about those negative feelings and thoughts you are having. If talking does not help, it is time to seek psychotherapy in Washington, DC.

Your mental health provider can provide you with psychotherapy, specifically individual therapy. Your mental health provider will provide you with a specific treatment plan based on your circumstances and needs.

Do not bottle up what you are feeling and thinking. You may talk to someone or receive our psychiatric services at Wellness HealthCare Clinics. Start your journey to healthier mental well-being with us.