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Diagnostician Job Aid

Ensures confidentiality of records relating to client treatment

  • Performs intake interviews to gain a foundational understanding of individual needs
  • Completes treatment plans to assist clients
  • Completes LOCUS, GAINS, and Crisis Plan forms for clients as needed
  • Designs appropriate referral recommendations using available community resources
  • Engages new intakes by meeting weekly until assignments can be made
  • Works with families and involved persons to de-escalate situations, make crisis plans, and enlist cooperation with recommended treatment plans
  • Works with Clinical Managers to assign new intakes to teams, including follow-through to ensure CSW assignments
  • Must process Diagnostic Assessments daily
  • Completes all work including documenting interactions using Wellness HealthCare Clinics standards, DBH policies and procedures, and other federal, state, or local regulatory requirements
  • Completes client and other records in CREDIBLE regarding the participation in mental health treatment
  • Attend meetings that may include staff meetings, meetings with the supervisor, and any other activities that ensure the smooth functioning of clinical operations
  • Attends all company-required training
  • All other duties as assigned
  • Client Intake: Initial engagement, eligibility screening, and verification, initial enrollment through the completion of intake, and the initial assessment.
  • Diagnostic Assessment: Clinical and functional evaluation of a client’s mental health condition that results in the issuance of a Diagnostic Assessment report with recommendations
  • Treatment Plan: This will determine whether the client is appropriate for and can benefit from MHRS, based on the client’s diagnosis, presenting problems, and recovery goals. Diagnostic Assessment is a core service.

Daily Expectations

  • The clinical Manager must run the report of expired documentation and provide it to the CSW and diagnosticians.
  • All documents should be updated within a week of expiration
  • 4-5 billable units are inclusive of a comprehensive DA that includes Locus, Crisis Plan, and Gains/ Treatment plan

STRONG SUGGESTION: Call the corresponding CSWs to make their consumers available to update documents.

a.) Annual DA’s and treatment plans every 180 days (or sooner/ as needed)

Cheat Sheet:
Psych Evaluation – Every 365 days
Treatment Plans– Every 180-365
Med Somatic – Every 30 days
Housing Coordination – As needed
Resume Support – As needed
Food – As needed

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