The wrong information can cost you time, money, and, regrettably, your life. We must be informed of the facts when it comes to our health. The truth can help us make the best decisions for our own and our loved ones’ health. On the same note, we must be wary of false narratives that quickly spread with today’s technologies.

Mental health treatment has always been an important facet of our well-being, but attention to this aspect has only recently gained traction. Unfortunately, myths and misconceptions continue to increase. Separate fact from fiction to protect yourself and your family. Allow us to debunk common mental health myths.

  • Children do not have mental health problems.
    Mental health issues can affect anyone. Teens as young as 14 exhibit the earliest symptoms of mental health issues. Early indicators of mental disturbance should not be overlooked.
  • Mental health issues are always violent.
    Mental health difficulties present in a variety of ways, ranging from violent acts to stillness. Those who are suffering from mental illness may appear productive and cooperative in society.
  • Personality issues lead to mental health issues.
    While genes, experiences, brain chemistry, and trauma all impact mental health, personality has nothing to do with it.

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